/James Newman Jewellery

Initial screen on the front-end flash website. Here, collections are shown to the user. These are driven by XML feeds from the CMS system. Part of the complex CMS system. This page shows the product creation, where the administrator creates a product and assigns make-up for that product. Within the CMS system the administrator can control assets (images) that can be assigned to one or more product/sub product.

/ The Lowdown..

Highly complex bespoke web application for an independant jeweler.

A highly complex and custom CMS, developed by myself.

The system allows the administrator to create materials, manufacturing & component processes. Products are then created from these. Costs are automatically calculated based on the product make up.

A full flash site, developed between myself and another person, interacts with the database via ASP.NET handlers which output XML for the flash website.

Specification & all .net development was completed by myself.

/ Main technologies used:

  • ASP.NET C#
  • MS SQL
  • XML
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Adobe CS4

/ See It..

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